180px-Death Koopa

Death Koopa

Unintellgent Hero. He is Half BobCat. clearly Runs like A male Bob Cat. He takes Kung-Fu. in kung-fu he acts like Po the panda. he is has Bib skull. He turns into Shadow Amy. Thats odd.


  1. Jonny Jr.(oldest Brother)
  2. Lil'Bowser(3rd Oldest Brother)
  3. Poison Koopa(4th Oldest Brother)
  4. Cindy B. Koopa(5th Older Sister)
  5. Ashura O. Koopa(6th Older Sister)
  6. Piccole Koopa(7th oldest)
  7. Lil'Punk(1st Youngest Sister)
  8. Lagoon Sr.(2nd Youngest Brother)



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