Jonny Junior Koopaling by boltonartist

Jonny Jr.

Oldest of his Brothers and Sisters. Has a Paint Brush. He Was Bron differnet. He was Born in Senior Koopa Kingdom. His Mother Punkettes86 Moved him to Koopa Universe. He enjoys it there. He has blue star Neckless. he can Make stars. His Girlfriend is Lil'Abby Koopa. Hurley and Abby Koopa's Little Daughter.


  1. Death Koopa(2nd Older Brother)
  2. Lil'Bowser(3rd Older Brother)'
  3. Poison Koopa(4th Older Brother)
  4. Cindy B. Koopa(5th Older Sister)
  5. Ashura O. Koopa(6th Older Brother)
  6. Piccolo Koopa(7th Older Brother)
  7. Lil'Punk(1st Youngest sister)
  8. Lagoon Sr.(2nd Youngest Brother)



Jonny Koopa(Daddy)


Hurley's Childern

Jaws's Childern

Adrian's Childern


He was Named After Jonny Craig.

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