Genderswapped Junior by SuperKoopaTroopa


Punkettes86(Known as Console Koopa) is a 5th grader. Bowser Jr's Twin Sister. she married to Jonny Koopa. her Favorite son is Lagoon. She has A Woodon Hammer. She is Powerful one. She Loves School. she loves Fun



  1. Jonny Jr.(oldest)
  2. Death Koopa(2nd Oldest)
  3. Lil'Bowser(3rd Oldest)
  4. Poison Koopa(4th Oldest)
  5. Cindy B. Koopa(5th oldest)
  6. Ashura O. Koopa(6th Oldest)
  7. Piccolo Koopa(7th Oldest)
  8. Lil'Punk(1st Youngest)
  9. Lagoon Sr(2nd Youngest)


  1. Onaga(2nd Cousin)
  2. Hurley Koopa(Lil's Cousin)

Brothers and sistersEdit

Bowser jr.

roy koopa

Morton koopa Jr

iggy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa

Wendy O. Koopa

Larry Koopa

Ludwig Von Koopa


She was Name Punk because loves Music. She has a YouTube Account .

she was the 3rd youngest.

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